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Why Coaching instead of Counseling?

Counseling therapy does not work for everyone.  Coaching is designed for high functioning, action goal oriented people.  It includes guidance, mentorship and support to empower people to make changes in their life to reach their goals.


Coaching is a mentor/teacher partnership, while counseling is professional relationship.  While no former training is required for coaches,

Michelle is in progress of training and getting board certified as a coach, and has the added bonus of formal counseling training and has vast experience in the mental health field. 

 Counselors are required to have a Master’s degree and license from the state to practice.  Counselors are trained in areas such as human development, human sexuality, family systems, ethics, research and various counseling strategies. 

Coaching is highly focused on the present and future, to help people reach their highest potential, while counseling is trained in focused on past, trauma and mental illness.

Coaching helps people achieve goals in life, work, relationships and more, while counseling focuses on resolving problems with mental illness that impair functioning in daily life.

Coaching clients are high functioning, emotionally and mentally stable and ready to get guidance to reach their goals. Counseling is designed for people with diagnoses such as Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, ADHD, Addictions, Bipolar, Mood Disorders and need to resolve these issues that are impairing their ability to function at home work school etc.

Counselors can only see clients that reside in the same state the counselor is licensed in, while coaches can see anyone, anywhere.  Coaching can be done online, over the phone and in person.

Counseling can be done in those modalities also, but it depends on the severity of symptoms and the discretion of the counselor.  

DISCLAIMER: Insurance typically only covers in office visits for counseling clients.  Coaching is not covered by insurance."

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