"What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?"


Coaching is for anyone that has a goal and knows they need to get out of their own way to get it.  It can be a personal or professional goal or BOTH.  Coaching is beneficial to those that procrastinate, lack follow through, are paralyzed by fear, have self doubts, or want to be challenged to reach their highest potential.  

Coaching will help you with the following...


Coaching helps you to identify what your goals are.  Say goodbye to those small goals you SETTLED for because they felt SAFE!  A coach will help you figure out and pursue your heart's desires, your BIG goals that both scare and excite you.  Your coach will help you break your big dreams up into small, bite sized, actionable steps.  Through coaching you will finally know where you are going and create the road map to get you there.


One of the biggest reasons that people don't reach their goals on their own is because of FEAR.  Working with a coach will help you find the courage you need to pursue your biggest dreams.  A coach won't buy into your excuses or old stories you use to self-sabotage your success.  Self-sabotaging beliefs are often hidden in plain sight, but you can't see them because you are too close to the problem.  A coach is trained to spot your negative thinking, limiting beliefs and mind-set issues that feed fear and stop you from succeeding.  Coaching offers you a fresh perspective that will shrink your fears.  Your coach will challenge you to stretch out of your comfort zone, so you gain the confidence to become the person you need to be to achieve your dreams.


Coaching will help you break up with old behavior patterns like procrastination and poor follow through, which stop you from reaching success.  Your coach will hold you accountable to the dreams you committed to follow.  You will meet regularly to discuss your progress and problem solve any obstacles that come up.  Your coach will be your biggest cheerleader and support.  Your coach will believe in you and won't give up on you even when you don't believe in yourself.


Why Choose Michelle?

There are currently NO requirements to be a coach.  Michelle has many hours of coach training and is a Board Certified Coach.  She has the added benefit of being a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, and those skills help make her a great coach.  Her formal counseling training with vast experience in the mental health field are an asset that many coaches do not possess.  She is not only highly trained in coaching, but as a counselor has human development, sexuality, family systems, ethics, communication and cognitive behavioral skills.


What Is the Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

  1.  Coaching is highly focused on the present and future, to help people reach their highest potential.  It is designed for high functioning, action/goal oriented people.  Counseling is similar but, incorporates work on grief, past trauma and mental illness such as Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

  2. Coaching helps people achieve goals in life, work, relationships and more, while counseling does that and focuses on resolving problems with mental illness that impair functioning in daily life.

  3. Coaching consists of guidance, mentorship and support to empower people to make changes in their life to reach their goals.  It is a mentor/teacher partnership.  Counseling is a strictly professional relationship.  

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